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“I would like to start on the program”
“I would like to start on the program. Very very excited to start.”

“Thrity spoke my language in her book.”
“I am more than interested in the supercoherence7th sense – it makes all the sense to me that I have been looking for all my life – the God of this universe is awesome in power love and creativity and I believe that I am worthy (so to is everyone else) to receive what the cosmos has in abundance – the thought of limitation is inherent from conception and therein lies the lie – we are led to believe that “Life is not fair” that “Life is hard” “No bed of roses” and I could go on and on. But if one just takes the time to look, feel touch smell what surrounds us in nature, in all it’s varieties – colour smell size etc etc how the hell (sorry) can we limit the unlimited the divine? oi the mind boggles and Thrity spoke my language in her book.All I can say is WOW and thankyou, at lonnnnnng last!”
Terri Theresa SA

“super coherence is obviously the way forward”
“I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book “Supercoherence – the 7th Sense” Being a Crystal and Reiki Healer it all makes so much sense as the subtle bodies vibrate at difference frequencies due to blockages so if one can get the whole system to be in balance/super coherence is obviously the way forward
Congratulations on spreading the light of understanding.”

Annesley B.

“This is something I have been searching for”
“Do you have a clinic or centre where I can experience the frequency alignment of Coherence. This is something I have been searching for from many angles and is the answer to my asking. Thank you so much for bringing this to the world.”
Gillian H.

“I just read your book and couldn’t put it down”
“I just read your book and couldn’t put it down.I will most definitely come to you for a VRIC assessment, it just needs some planning since you are not exactly next door. “
AT (Greece)

“Supercoherence sounds like the missing link”
“Firstly, this is the most exciting book I have read for ages. Mind blowing!I am a teacher/life-coach/Psych-K therapist but keep feeling that there is something missing. Supercoherence sounds like the missing link. I am fascinated and also looking for my new direction/soul purpose.”
Pauline B.

“This new way of thinking just clicked in my head”
“I stumbled across your book after starting to do my own research on Dean Radin’s work on RNG’s, I heard of him through a movie called down the rabbit hole,What the bleep.It has a few of your recommended read’s Author’s on it,Candace Pert.This new way of thinking just clicked in my head.There is no doubt in my mind we live in a thought universe.Your work sounds incredibly exciting.”
Gary Mc

“I read your book last year; was incredibly inspired by it”
“From Cape Town, South Africa. I read your book late last year & was incredibly inspired by it, to the extent that I’d like to become a bio-leumaneutics practitioner. I will be in the UK from the 11th – 20th of April & had hoped to meet with you to discuss what would be involved in setting up a facility/ practice in Cape town to start benefiting the people of S.Africa & hopefully beyond into the rest of the continent. As I’m sure you’re well aware, we have many problems here to solve such as a people living in dire poverty in tin shacks with little to eat, the HIV pandemic, high levels of crime due to the apartheid years etc. I truly feel that this is the modality of choice for humans in the 21st century & feel that I could make it my life’s work to contributing to a world free of war, poverty, sickness etc.” Michael

“i am really amazed to know that such a book is in our planet”
“i am realy amazed to know that such a book is in our planet. the first time i felt the sense of purpose. even though i do’t understand fully what u tried to explain about ur descoveries. but in my heart in my soul i felt it some thing precoius comes to our planet. please help me to understand it and help my self and my family plus my fellow mankind. this is the passion and longing in my soul. the first time in my life i am inspired to live again. i am orginaly from ehtiopia living in south africa as refugge. but my name the nick one my father called me Raju for ur surprise no other ethioian called Raju. i am very have to know u. if u can help me to understand it i have a feeling in my heart i can help many peoples from emotional brokenss. thanks very much.” J. Yoseph

“really interesting!”
“Have just finished your book- really interesting ! Do you have anyone in South Africa I could go to – would love to align myself.” Lynn

“very excited by the possibilities”
“I have just read your book and am very excited by the possibilities of a more efficient way of treating people energetically. I am very interested to make an appointment for treatment is this possible?” Francis R.

“I read your book with great excitement”
“I read your book with great excitement, intermingled with a few ‘doubting questions’ – all eventually put to rest as I continued my reading, most particularly by the sharing of your own philosophy which enabled me to sense a common purpose. Initially I felt very daunted when seeing the cost of the Biolumanetic sessions: I am a ‘state pensioner’ living in Hereford (a long way from London) with nothing other than ‘emergency savings’ and occasional & sporadic access to additional income through work as a facilitator /trainer.  Although retired, I am very involved in Transition Hereford (part of the Transition Town Movement – you might have heard of it? and find the ‘pull’ of that work (unpaid) more attractive than developing opportunities to earn an income (in some degree due to lack of self-confidence) However …….. as it seems to me that one of the areas I need to ‘gain coherence in’ (if that is an appropriate way of describing it?) is my relationship to the money aspect of abundance.  I currently function on the level of ‘knowing that my needs will be met – just’, which though better than my previous state of ‘continuous anxiety’, is a great improvement.   But maybe the time is right to become aligned with ‘the abundance of plenty’!….as I wrote that I became aware that I still hold a certain resistance to that idea!!  So I need to contemplate on whether to choose to ‘intend into my life’ the money needed to come and pay you a visit!! Even if I do not this does not come about, I want to thank you and offer support for all you have done and continue to do as a true pioneer of this new era we are moving into. With love and gratitude” Susana P.

“I am exceptionally intrigued by the miraculous results”
“I am presently reading your book ‘Supercoherence the 7th sense’ and I am exceptionally intrigued by the miraculous results.  I am now interested,  not only with healing for myself but also (if it is possible) to train in this marvellous therapy to help others.  I have trained in various mediums of healing such as Reiki, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reflexology etc., but am presently not working but re-evaluating how best I can help others by finding the root cause of their ailments.  From what I have read, this is an all round therapy of extraordinary benefit to people and perhaps CBT counselling for which I was considering training in is not the best option.  Who knows…I am leaving it in the hands of the gods where my spiritual path leads me, but in the meantime I felt compulsed to follow this up.  I hope you don’t mind.  Hence my question is, do you train people in this therapy and how can I contact you to make an appointment to experience the treatment myself.” Tricia

“I thought it was a fascinating read”
“I had ordered your book as a recommendation from a friend who had told me to go and buy it. I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about. It arrived last week and since then I have been glued to it. I thought it was a fascinating read and I am very interested in trying out this new technology for myself.
I am from a spiritual background being a meditator and a recently qualified shiatsu graduate. Everything you talked about regarding the Super Coherent Universe, our Higher Coherent Self, the energy of emotions all resonated with me very much. The one thing I loved about the book was the way it was written – easy to understand and follow containing no major technical jargon. Funnily enough lately I have been reading allot about this kind of material, all the books that have been landing on my door have been to do with quantum physics and how we are all connected, just having read the Biology of Belief and The Quantum Self. Your book came just at the right time. I see these as little synchronicities that are taking me in a new direction but not entirely clear as to where just yet? I would like to mention a point you made in your book about self development work. I have also tried various holistic approaches to gaining better health – that’s why I trained as a Shiatsu practitioner. Treatments that helped me years ago do not seem to have much of an effect on me now. I feel I have done allot of work on myself over the years and maybe I have come to a point where the superficial layers have been dissolved but the deep rooted stuff is not shifting very quickly – it needs a different approach. This is why I am very eager to try your method.” Rakesh

“…anything but a conventional way.”
“How to bridge the gap of a ‘normal’ person who cannot see bereavement and children dependancy in anything but a conventional way.” Roger M.

“the only way to come closer and closer to the essence of the Zero Point Energy or Primal Energy”
“I would like to congratulate you for the quality of its contents and the  way it is presented. At no moment, did I feel anything under- or overstated. Truth and objectivity  come simply out in the simplest and the most magnificent way. It was for me perfect resonance. I particularly appreciated the comments over religion with which I cannot agree more. Besides, I enjoyed the discovery of a method that I did not know and that does not involve the therapist at all. I have been working with different techniques in an attempt of finding out through resonance, the substances, vibrations, etc., … that would correct best the energetic field. My main tool has been the Lecher antenna. And yet, I have always seen my personal interaction in the way to total objectivity. This has allowed me to have always improvement, often significant changes and  occasionally unexpected cures sometimes qualified of miracles. But my limits have always been standing clearly on the way and in some instances, I have not been able to touch the problem itself, at all. That is frustrating, though no one else has been able to either. Then, I read your book and you present the most perfect way of doing it, with the greatest precision. I cannot thank you enough to have brought it to my knowledge. I have been studying Quantum Physics on my own for years, for it is the only way to come closer and closer to the essence of the Zero Point Energy or Primal Energy to get enough acquaintance with it order to be able to use it with increasing success.”
A Doctor

“phenomenal book”
“I’ve just read your phenomenal book, thank you very much. Is there anybody here in South Africa practising what you do in the UK? I don’t even have a normal light bulb, it’s just fog, 5m visibility…” Mark SA

“I found your book very inspirational”
“May I congratulate you on your book, so eloquently written, it resonated with me 100% as soon as I read the article in Cygnus  mag regarding it. I too use very similar healing modalities in water and am a sound practitioner, who has just written my own book due to most peoples reaction as to how vibrational medicine can actually help them! What an interesting account of how you came by the luminator. I am still amazed that a normal camera can capture the change in the electromagnetic field. I too have read Valerie Hunt etc and always think in terms of ‘the field’ when healing, knowing we are just a vibrating field. I use muscle checking, to ask the persons biocomputor what tuning forks etc  are required in which area has lost it’s optimal frequencies. I wondered if you used a similar technique for deciphering which light frequencies a person requires to carry or apply in your creams? I found your book very inspirational, thank you so much” Frances P.

“I have read your book and I am very excited”
“I have read your book and I am very excited, it has helped things fall into place and explain why the work that I already do works. I personally feel held back, and anxious that there is something that I am meant to be doing and although I enjoy my work as a Therapist, There is something that I need to add or change that is perfect for me and my clients.” Julie P.

“I read your book with interest”
“As an ex photographic processor, I am concerned about your use of Polaroid camera and film. When I retired 4 years ago, Digital Photography was overtaking film photography very quickly, and Polaroid cameras had virtually been discontinued. I can foresee a time in the not very distant future when film will be unobtainable. I read your book with interest and as a kinesiologist was struck by how easily you could narrow down your choice of photo and remedy etc using muscle testing, rather than continually photographing. You would then only need to take a photo at the end to ensure that you had everything in place. It would be very interesting to compare the two methods of arriving at the (hopefully same) conclusion. What do you think?”
Judy C.

“convinced of the energy that supercoherence gives”
“I am reading you book now and am convinced of the energy that supercoherence gives/uses,” Linda M

“LOVE you”
“Receive my Intent with love and Light.The door has opened and I am GUIDED to offer my all to expand the awesome experience of this Gift from Spirit for the good of all.Enough said. YOU will Know, Thrity. LOVE you; Jack” Jack Bold(SA)

“I think it’s great!”
“I’m VERY interested in the Luminator and have been ‘diagnosed’ in the past with ADD ,IBS, Dyslexia and now MS – needless to say I’ve tried nigh on everything, including changing my mind!“ I’m half way through reading your book and I think it’s great! In the past I’ve been ‘diagnosed’ with Dyslexia, ADD (and so too have my kids), IBS, Chronic Fatigue and now MS – But somehow deep down I don’t really buy these labels, nevertheless the ‘symptom’s’ cannot be ignored. Despite being an avid reader of the Wayne Dyer’s, Greg Braden’s and David Hawkins’ of this world (all of who’s work I admire) there doesn’t seem anything that cuts straight to the heart of the matter, perhaps until now!?” Tony B

“love the simplicity and heart centered approach, to challenging material”
“Very interested in the work. Reading your book, fantastic, love the simplicity and heart centered approach, to challenging material. Thank you for your inspiration and the amazing ability to communicate this material.” Linda M.

“really fascinating and convincing”
“I have found your book really fascinating and convincing.  Have you any experience of clients using the Institute of Heartmath tools and what that does to their energy field?  It sounds very much as if the work they are doing is related to your own experience using the Luminator.” Gill B

“I have been deeply inspired by it”
“I have now finished your book and in fact am reading it again  – I have been deeply inspired by it. Would very much like to know more about workshops and the Supercoherence Program planned for later in the year.    Would you ever consider training interested individuals in this most astonishing and enlightening process?” Debbie RH

“it read like a thriller”
“sorry my english is not that good, but i can read it perfectly, your Book came on a funny way to me in a second handbook-shop “Speaking Tree” in Glastonbury I’m working with energies for more than 20 years, and it Read like a thriller, everything that i have learned is confirmd. I’m halfway your book, thank you so much” Erika K

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