Grief and Bereavement


The greatest loss a human can suffer is the loss of a child. It can destroy a person’s life, destroy the family as huge emotions come into play and are very difficult to resolve.

All the images below are VRIC Images in the field of the Luminator.

Grief And Bereavement

This is what Sylvia has to say:

So you know my daughter died nearly 2 years ago. And I think what I am going to say to you now that might have something to do with this and the few months ago when I was talking to somebody I was saying. They asked me something I said no… . How many children do you have? I said “I had a daughter.” And then I said no, what is this I had a daughter? I have a daughter that she is no longer here with us now, and so a few days ago I woke Thrity because I woke up and as I was coming up to sleep. These amazing words were coming in my head and there was an old envelope there and I was writing them down as fast as I could and I want to give this to you now. And I would like to ask that if you have somebody that died, that is significant to you and it doesn’t matter how long ago, if it was even a miscarriage or something I would like you to think about this person. And these are the words that I got.”  (play the video below to watch)