Supercoherence Program

New 21st Century Training for Exploration, Transformation, Success, Excellence, Soaring.

When you come to see us it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are about to undertake.

What we offer is a unique experience to explore the deep self in a radical new 21st century way.

Come for your personal Coherence – Where your life makes sense to you.

Come to enhance your Clarity, Creativity, Connectedness.

Come for Vitality, Wellness, Happiness, Function

Come to build confidence, authenticity, self esteem by clearing unseen blockages that stand in the way of your being your true self

Come to neutralise deep seated non-nourishing patterns of anger, guilt, blame and shame and uncover the shining self that is always present, but has not been easily accessible.

Come to explore the Deep Self. Go deeper, so you can fly higher.

Come to find your life’s purpose and your soul’s journey – though the conscious coherence process.

Our prime method and goal is to clear and re-create coherence in the human bio-light energy-information field using the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies.

That is what we do and that is all that we do.

We use only frequency tools. Which means that if you take them to a normal laboratory you will not find anything in them that can be measured through the measuring tools of 20th century science.

We give no guarantee for a specific outcome or time frame – Why?

The answer lies in the phrase “it depends”. The results you get will depend on a variety of complex factors – which are non linear and unpredictable. You are unique and uniquely different. Your bodymind system has its own super intelligent way of dealing with the sum of the totality that is you. In our understanding, the level of extreme Intelligence in your own bodymind system, accessed by the VRIC imaging process, provides the answers more accurately than any other known process. When change is initiated in this very personal and precise manner what we do know for sure is that the bodymind system is in agreement with the solution arrived at through VRIC. You will discover that you are more than you think you are and more than you feel you are. You are more.

Our aim is to facilitate the expansion, transfiguration and transformation of human consciousness by making conscious radiance, resonance and coherence possible for all.

To know more about our training programs, please visit our Supercoherence Training Programs page.