VRIC imaging

VRIC Imaging  – Entering the Reality of the Quantum Dimension

Penetrating the “Mask of Matter”

The Parallel Universe of the Luminator

VRIC Imaging – Visual Reference of Image Coherence is a non-ordinary effect that happens ONLY in the field of an extraordinary device called the Luminator. The Luminator was invented by an American engineer-researcher and genius, Patrick Richards. The imaging is done with an ordinary fixed focus Polaroid camera with the flash masked. It measures in real terms the photon-light emission from life forms. It shows whether the light emission is coherent which results in a clear photo or that the light emission is incoherent/chaotic which results in a fuzzy photo. All VRIC images are taken in the same lighting conditions and from the same distance. The Luminator does not touch the person being imaged and is simply present in the room.  To know more please read the book Supercoherence – The 7th Sense.

VRIC Effect Diagrams

 VRIC Imaging

Shocked? Can’t believe your eyes? Impossible? No it is NOT camera shake.

This is the truth and the reality that lies beyond the reach, remit or access of the reality of  the five senses  – until NOW.

Small offer of consolation. After well over a decade I still find these images almost unbelievable at one level. I sympathise and can understand what a jolt they are to the belief system of humans.